Outsourced Investment Office

It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different from the majority.

~ Sir John Templeton

ASC’s Outsourced Investment Office combines the independent objectivity of a consulting firm with hands-on principal investment experience. 

Customized client portfolios and customized governance models.
Serving institutions with a minimum of $25 million of assets.
Senior investment team has an average of 22 years of investment experience.
Investment philosophy and process based on the “Endowment Model.”

Why Hire an Outsourced Investment Office?

Increased complexity of investment portfolios places an additional burden on the fiduciaries of long-term asset pools.

  • Time and attention are scarce resources for Boards and Investment Committees, who typically cannot commit to full-time oversight of the assets. Outsourcing frees up the Committee to focus on higher-level strategic issues related to the portfolio.
  • Periodic Committee meetings are not always conducive to the responsiveness and continuity required to effectively manage a portfolio day-to-day.
  • Particularly in alternative asset classes, the significance of direct relationships with managers, and the importance of manager selection raises the stakes.
The fixed costs associated with hiring and retaining dedicated internal investment and operations staff can be prohibitive for mid-sized institutions.

  • Internal resources can be better-employed toward the institution’s core mission.
  • An external provider can pool together multiple clients, providing an endowment access to a caliber of investment office the institution would be unlikely to assemble on its own.

Customized Governance Models

At ASC we understand that granting discretion over investment decisions to an outsourced provider requires a high level of trust. That’s why we offer a full spectrum of customized governance structures to suit each client’s comfort level and allow the relationship to evolve over time as we earn your trust.

With over 30 years of history providing independent, objective, customized advice to fiduciaries, Asset Strategy Consultants is well-positioned to work closely with clients to set investment policy and serve as an Outsourced Investment Office. The firm currently manages $1.4 billion of client assets in discretionary consulting mandates.

Andy Conner, ASC’s Chief Investment Officer, has over a decade of experience managing a multi-billion dollar endowment portfolio as well as ERISA-qualified retirement plans within The Johns Hopkins University Office of Investment Management. As portfolio manager, he brings many years of experience investing in a broad range of traditional and alternative investment strategies to ASC’s OCIO clients.

In addition to constructing Customized Portfolios, we provide Customized Governance Models to our Outsourced Investment Office clients.