Institutional Consulting

The desire to perform all the time is usually a barrier to performing over time.

~ Robert Olstein
For 30 years, fiduciaries of endowments, foundations, corporations, and retirement plans have sought the advice of Asset Strategy Consultants.

Client Composition

* Others include Insurance Companies and Donor Advised Funds.

Client Composition – as a % of total firm accounts.

Source: Asset Strategy Consultants

The ASC Advantage

We will work closely with you to design, execute, and monitor investment programs that meet your specific needs. As an independent firm, we fully understand the importance of honest, conflict-free advice.

We partner with universities, hospitals, private foundations, endowments, and faith-based organizations. As a boutique consulting firm, mid-sized institutions are a natural fit, particularly for fiduciaries who value an experienced, hands-on advisor. The professionals who lead ASC are among those on your consultant team. You have immediate access to them at all times.

Our size is intentional. It offers agility, bypasses bureaucracy, and delivers to you:

  • Customized portfolios, no “cookie-cutter” models
  • Heightened level of service from our consultants and the investment team
  • Favorable access to renowned and undiscovered investment managers

ASC’s consulting team provides a series of step by step services:

  • Formalize investment objectives and policies
  • Develop asset allocation and diversification models
  • Analyze investment managers for recommendation
  • Exercise due diligence and performance monitoring of managers
  • Evaluate quarterly and long-term performance against benchmarks and peers