Endowments / Foundations

We assist our clients with Endowments/Foundations to achieve their long-term goals and objectives by providing customized solutions to the specific requirements and unique needs of each client.

We balance the two primary goals established by clients who sponsor Endowments/Foundations:
  • Adequate cash flow to support the mission of the organization and its specified Spending Policy.
  • Growth of the asset-base to meet long-term goals and maintain purchasing power of the portfolio.
Our comprehensive investment management consulting services include:

Plan governance and fiduciary compliance

  • Development of Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Investment Committee and Board education

Strategic Asset Allocation and Long-Term Plan goals and objectives

  • Spending Policy modeling
  • Liquidity Assessment
  • Risk Modeling
  • Short-Term tactical overlay
  • Development of Optimal Plan Structure

Investment Manager due diligence, searches and retention

  • Traditional and alternatives asset styles
  • Manager fee negotiation

Total Plan performance monitoring

  • Comparison to customized benchmark aligned with strategic asset allocation targets and peer group benchmarking
  • Performance attribution analysis

Retained investment manager performance monitoring:

  • Comparison to active peer group and appropriate passive index benchmarks.
  • Performance attribution analysis.