Consulting Philosophy

We take a strategic, long-term approach to helping institutions meet their goals. However, today’s complex investment environment means that we must monitor significant trends and developments that allow clients to alter the portfolio or plan and take advantage of tactical opportunities that arise due to inevitable imbalances in capital markets.

Our objective in portfolio or plan construction is to identify the risk characteristics inherent in the process.

Our process results in a portfolio or plan that is diversified not only by traditional and alternative assets and geographic factors but also by different economic environments that inevitably arise.


Our implementation includes utilization of active and passive traditional management alternatives.  Downside risk is a major component of our approach and judicious use of active managers with demonstrated downside protection and alpha capture is used alongside passive options.


But we also believe that the use of private assets and hedge strategies are critical to clients’ ability to capture alpha opportunities.  We seek to utilize hedge managers with the ability to preserve capital when it is needed the most.  We also believe that clients must commit to a disciplined investment program in private assets to allow them to be prepared to capture the greater alpha opportunities in these assets.