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The objective of our Portfolio Performance, Risk and Cost Analysis is to provide the client with an objective and
comprehensive assessment of their investment program from a qualitative and quantitative perspective by reviewing
their investment program(s) for a three to five year period. Through this project investors gain insight into any
inefficiencies in the asset allocation and manager structure, as well as suggestions for improving the investment
program (investment policy statement) from a fiduciary compliance perspective.


In the quantitative part of the analysis the following is evaluated:

  • Total Portfolio
    The performance of the total portfolio is measured against a customized composite index that mirrors the quarterly asset allocation of the portfolio for the twelve to twenty-quarter time period of the study.

    Individual Investment Managers/Mutual Funds
    In evaluating the above, the following factors are considered:

  • Total Return
  • Risk
  • Risk-Adjusted Return
  • Adherence to Stated Investment Style.
    The individual investment managers/mutual funds are measured vs. passive market indices and active peer group benchmarks, using modern portfolio theory risk/return statistics.
  • Qualitative
      ASC will provide information as to how to improve the documented investment policy (IPS) to insure compliance with fiduciary standards by verifying that the significant components of a well-written IPS are clearly articulated.

      ASC will Perform a Cost
      Analysis to Review the Following:

    • Review the Investment Management Fees for retained Investment Managers vs. the median for their peer group.
    • Check the Expense Ratios for any mutual funds to insure they are at or below median.
    • Look at the Custodial Fees to insure they are competitive
    • Analyze the transaction cost (when using separate account investment managers) to make sure they fall within a competitive range.

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