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Who We Are
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  • A Premier Boutique Investment Consulting Firm

  • Very Focused: Consulting only with endowments, foundations and retirement plans in middle market

  • Independent and Objective: Our firm has no affiliation with brokerage firms, banks, insurance companies, or any other product vendors

  • Professional Fee Basis Only: No acceptance
    of commissions or finders fees from any product providers

    Our Mission

    We assist clients in the pursuit of achieving superior
    investment performance, reducing risks, and controlling
    expenses of their portfolios. We do this by:

  • Developing portfolio risk/return profiles through strategic asset allocations.

  • Using tactical asset alllocation to address capital market trends.

  • Consistently hiring top performing investment managers in each asset class with appropriate risk parameters at the point of retention

  • Monitoring manager’s investment performance.

  • Recommend replacing underperforming managers when necessary.

  • Negotiating favorable fee structures with investment managers and custodians, and ensuring best execution on all transactions.

  • Utilizing commission recaptureprograms where

  • A robust database of over 2,100 investment managers (nationally and international), specializing in 39 separate asset style categories

  • A database of over 8,500 managers in Alternative Investments, such as hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, real estate, natural resources, etc.

  • A robust database of over 11,000 mutual funds

    Institutional performance evaluation software

  • Online custodial access to client data

  • We are a member of the IAG of Callan Associates, one of the oldest and largest investment consulting firmsheadquartered in Maryland Callan provides investment consulting services for more than 360 institutional clients with approximately $1.8 trillion in assets. The average portfolio of each Callan tax-exempt client is in excess of $5.0 billion.

    How is ASC Compensated?

    As an independent investment advisory firm our compensation is free of all conflicts of interest, as we operate on a fee basis only, with no acceptance of commissions or finders fees from providers of investment products.

    Our only source of remuneration is from our clients, and therefore, we operate on a basis of total objectivity. Fees for our services are based upon assets under our advisement.

    For special projects, we provide a fee estimate prior to accepting the engagement, which is based upon our actual time and expenses.

  • Six North Park Drive, Suite 208, Hunt Valley, MD 21030 Phone: 410-528-8282 Fax: 410-528-8305